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Silver Linings - Sober Living's Living Area

At “Silver Linings” sober living, we live amongst other recovering addicts in a safe environment where responsibilities are shared.

Silver Linings – Sober Living is an upmarket establishment situated in Sydenham Johannesburg which offers a comfortable, safe and homely environment for recovering addicts and alcoholics requiring assistance during their transition into society.

Silver Linings is close to all amenities, including AA, CA and NA meetings within the surrounds of the area, Churches and places of Worship, Shopping malls, garages, bus routes and major highways. Rosebank is a mere 15 minutes away, Sandton just over 20 minutes, Grayston shopping centre a mere 10 minutes and we are also within walking distance to Norwood Mall and Balfour Park shopping centre.

Silver Linings - Sober Living is a way of living life for those recovering from alcohol and or mind altering substance addiction, to experience how to deal with life on life’s terms. This is an introduction to living together with like minded people, the 12 step program, and living life outside of the confines of a drug rehabilitation centre as well as a chance for them to regain their responsibility, self worth, self confidence, and self esteem. These being basic traits that are needed to live a normal life that is free of drugs and alcohol.

A mandatory Sunday evening ‘in house’ meeting to discuss the week past and the week ahead, to iron out any discrepancies that might have occurred during the week so as not to harbour any resentments, to offer advice and discuss our situation, where we are, where are we going to, and to listen to our housemates advice and concerns.


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