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Silver Linings is a “12 step” based establishment and adheres to the 12 step program and as such residents will follow the requirements of such program, in particular ‘The 5 pillars’ (Higher Power, Meetings, Service, Step work and Sponsor)






No drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol or any other mind altering substances will be permitted on the property. This includes over the counter medication containing alcohol, codeine, amphetamines, pseudo-ephedrine, cough syrups, pain killers, sport enhancement products (must be steroid free) etc.


Random drug tests will be taken, should you test positive or refuse to take the test a positive result will be assumed and you will be required to vacate the property immediately. Drug tests will be at the expense of the resident

A ‘One strike and you’re out’ rule applies to all residents, this means failure of such test, or refusal to take such test.


No verbal, emotional, mental, or physical violence and or abuse will be tolerated in the house. Should you become violent or abusive in any manner with any house member or management, you will be escorted off the property by law enforcement if necessary. 

  1. GOSSIP 

No gossip will be tolerated in any form whatsoever and should the anonymity of any member or that of “Silver Linings” be broken, either whilst in the house or after leaving the house legal action can and will be taken if necessary. 

  1. THEFT 

No resident may be permitted into any other resident’s room without such resident’s permission.

Theft will be not tolerated and should you be found guilty of such an offence you will be escorted off the property by law enforcement if necessary. 

  1. CURFEW 

Sunday to Thursday 10:30 pm Friday and Saturday 12:30.

Should you have any reason not to be back at the prescribed times notification and a valid reason is to be given beforehand. 


An in-house meeting will be held on Sunday evenings at 18h00 of which attendance is compulsory. 


Monthly fees must be paid by the 1st day of each month.

A deposit of R500,00 (Five Hundred Rand) will be payable with your first Invoice and refunded to you on your departure. This refund depends on any arrears or breakages which will be deducted from this deposit. 


A minimum of thirty days (30) written notice from either party will be required in order to terminate the signed registration agreement. If you choose to leave of your own volition or if you are evicted your monthly fees will not be reimbursed. 

    1. You are required to be off the premise from 9 am to 4 pm unless otherwise arranged.
    2. Guests and family are not allowed in your room and must be out of the house by 10h30pm on weekdays and 12h30pm on weekends.
    3. There will be no sleepover’s in the house whatsoever.
    4. Rooms must be left clean and tidy when leaving for the day, beds must be made and the bathroom must be left clean after you have showered / bathed.
    5. The kitchen must be left in a spotless condition, when you are finished in the kitchen, wash, dry and pack away your dishes immediately.
    6. No unauthorised use or tampering with any Silver Linings equipment what-so-ever will be tolerated.
    7. Washday will coincide with duty day. The linen and towels supplied to you are to be cleaned twice a month. Washing to be done on the day of or the night before your duty day allowing the next person to have an empty line to hang their washing. (See duty list and duty requirements posted on the board).
    8. You will be required to do a minimum of 3 (three) meetings per week either NA /AA or CA.
    9. Smoking of tobacco and / or ‘Twisp’ (Electronic cigarettes) only will be permitted in designated smoking areas.
    10. No borrowing of money, valuables or medication to or from any housemates will be permitted.
    11. You will be required to park in the parking bay allocated to you.
    12. The TV must be turned off at a reasonable hour please consider your housemates.
    13. No crockery or cutlery allowed in rooms what-so-ever

  1.  ‘HEAD RES’ 

A ‘Head Res’ will be appointed by management and his / her tenure will be on a monthly basis.

All communication with management will be made through the ‘Head Res’

Should you wish to take leave from the house either for work related issues or for pleasure a ‘Leave application’ form must be requested from the ‘Head Res’ and to be filled out 48 hours before you intend to leave.

Any orders or stock requirements to be discussed and ordered with the ‘Head Res’


Should any of these rules not be adhered to, consequences will be enforced as management deems fit and any repetition thereof will result in a 72 hour suspension, except in the case of positive urine testing where the “One strike and you are out” rule applies. (See rule #2)

Where it results in you being evicted, your next of kin and your sponsor will be notified as well as your fees for the period forfeited. 

These rules are subject to change without notice.


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