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What is a Silver Lining?

We all have a silver lining, the only problem is that it has been clouded over by the misuse of alcohol and or drugs over the years. It is only once we clear the way for the light to shine through this dark cloud that has enveloped us during our addiction that our Silver Lining bursts out, escapes from it’s confines of chaos and confusion, and sets us free, allowing us to be who we really are …

People sometimes say that every cloud has a silver lining to comfort somebody who’s having problems. What they mean is that it is always possible to get something positive out of a situation, no matter how unpleasant, difficult or even painful it may seem.

Every cloud has a silver lining means that you should never feel hopeless because difficult times always lead to better days. Difficult times are like dark clouds that pass overhead and block the sun.

Silver Linings … moving from the dark of addiction into the light of recovery.


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