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Silver Linings - Sober Living: What is Sober Living?

What is sober living?

We at “Silver Linings Sober Living” are passionate about helping one another to find our inner selves, to move forward, to function normally, and to ultimately become productive members of society.

Sober living is a means used by recovering addicts every day through the 12 step program to regain the skills and responsibility needed to function without alcohol and drugs, to be re-integrated into society by sharing living conditions and experiences with like minded people.

Sober Living Environments (SLEs) are facilities used by people recovering from substance abuse, which serve as an interim environment between rehab and their future lives. SLEs grew out of a need to have safe and supportive places in which people could live while they were in recovery.

Together this creates what we now call , “Silver Linings Sober Living”


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